From Soil, the roots of locals are found.
Soil is the living room of the city. A support for the core of the
local community. A place to chill or to focus. A place to eat locally sourced food and drink. A place to gather and exchange with locals over farmers’ and craft markets. For those coming from other neighborhoods, we also offer functional, considered accommodation.
  • Coming Soon
  • Spring 2021
  • Winter 2021
Fukushima —
ADX (Adatara)
Soil ADX is a micro-laboratory for food & agriculture with three key components: An office & kitchen with a beautiful view of Mt. Adatara, extensive agriculture fields, and a processing + packaging facility utilizing a former wood storage. These components interact with each other allowing users to call the place home as their day office, grow and crop, experiment agriculture-tech, or host pop-up restaurants.
Sendai Jozenji Street
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