From SOIL, the roots of locals are found.
SOIL is a local complex that
comprise of a series of
hotels, restaurants, shops, work lounges
Soil work
founded within a walkable neighborhood which we fall in love with.
At our restaurant we take extra care to make the most out of our local farmer friends’ beautiful produce.
On weekends you will most likely encounter a craft workshop or a farmers’ market co-hosted by the local community.
SOIL offers opportunities to all those who wish to blend into each local community.
SOIL Setoda is on an island full of citrus, located at the midpoint of Shimanami - a world renowned cycling route.

A century old salt warehouse is now home to a coffee roaster and café. The waterfront is a breakfast lounge and a restaurant with woodfire. Next door is a bento joint and a souvenir shop. Hotel rooms and Soil work are spread across different buildings alongside the local shopping street.
On weekends, locals, producers, and visitors all gather at our workshops and farmers’ markets.
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SOIL Nihonbashi sits on the corner of HoridomePark. The shared boundaries between our ground floor bakery and the park are blurred, welcoming all guests from children to the elderly, and even dogs.

2nd floor is a work lounge and shared kitchen co-operated by the Soil work community.
3rd floor and above, diverse businesses with shared values take each space as their private offices.

SOIL Nihonbashi plans to expand its offices and add hotel rooms to the mix within the beloved neighborhood.
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