From Soil, the roots of locals are found.
SOIL is the living room of the city.
SOIL is a place to support the core of local community,
to eat locally sourced food and drink,
to chill or to focus,
to gather and exchange with locals over farmers’ and craft markets.
For those coming from other neighborhoods,
SOIL also offer functional, considered accommodation.
Setoda is an island full of citrus, located at the midpoint of the Shimanami Kaido - a renowned cycling route. SOIL Setoda consists of two buildings – a century old salt warehouse now home to a coffee roaster, neighbored by waterfront inn and lounge. On weekends locals, producers, and visitors gather at SOIL’s farmers’ markets.>> more
For centuries, Nihonbashi has been the crossing point of culture and craft. SOIL Nihonbashi sits on the corner of Horidome Childrens’ Park. The shared boundaries between our ground floor bakery and the park are blurred, welcoming all guests from children to the elderly, and even dogs. Above the first floor, offices and shared spaces are collectively operated by a diverse community of companies and individuals with common values. On weekends we host farmers’ markets and cultural events tailored to the greater community of Nihonbashi.>> more
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